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Product Description:
Pouring, measuring and transferring chemical concentrate from containers has long been recognised as potentially the greatest exposure for operators when handling substances. The Anabranch Chemical Handling System provides a solution to Occupational Health and Safety issues which need to be addressed when manually transferring liquids from a container. This product greatly reduces potential operator exposure by drawing, measuring and transferring dangerous chemicals in a contained vessel. The convenient size and ease of use of the Anabranch eliminates the need to lift and pour from heavy containers.

Benefits Include
  • Addresses Occupational Health and Safety Issues.
  • Overcomes manual handling problems.
  • No lifting of heavy or difficult-to-pour containers.
  • Chemical remains contained throughout transfer.
  • Vapour from pumping operation returned to container.
  • Accurate from 30ml to 4 litres.
  • No priming or calibration required.
  • No spillage, therefore avoiding time consuming spill clean-ups.

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Product Specifications:

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Length: 1.74' Weight: 8.82 lbs.
Width: 5.9" Height: 1.18'

Item number: 1060018
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